WIT SA, a French company, has been established for over 25 years as one of the main providers of remote control systems in Europe. It has fitted more than 90,000 such systems in areas of construction, water works and the industrial sector. WIT operates on the Italian market with Wit Italia S.r.l., based in Turin, although administration, sales and marketing is managed by the French company based in Nice (France).
Choosing WIT means sharing the following ideals:

A partner providing solutions
The world of remote control is in constant evolution, taking advantage of improvements in telecommunications, information technology and electrical devices. WIT has always integrated these technological advances in its products, never forgetting to pay attention to the changing requirements of the modern world. WIT’s goal is not to develop a simple product but rather provide tailor made solutions which are designed with the full knowledge of the client’s needs and the availability of a wide range of technical equipment and ways to utilise it.

A committed firm with a human touch
In 2009 WIT was awarded the (corporate social responsibility award) “Prix de l’Esprit RSE” 2009 Provences- Alpes-Cote d’Azur (PACA) for its exemplary corporate policy and the commitment of the whole enterprise to sustainable development. RSE is the enterprise-wide application of the principles of sustainable development. The prize recognizes the voluntary and active approach WIT takes to integrate its corporate, social and environmental responsibility in its relationship with employees and suppliers, as well as in business.

A partner dedicated to your project
Technology serves no purpose if the proposed solution does not take into account specific customer needs. WIT provides clients with technical expertise and advises on the implementation of projects by offering: a free hotline, certified training, advice and validation of system architectures, on-site construction, maintenance according to individual needs and so on.

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