Sati Italia


Sati Italia S.p.A. has operated for over 50 years in the field of distribution of industrial electrical systems. In 2008, even though the economic situation in the Italian market began to hint at a crisis, Sati decided to expand its business by creating a new line of products and solutions for the photovoltaic sector.

Today Sati Italia offers a complete range of stand-alone solutions that use solar energy not only to produce electricity for lighting such as stand-alone photovoltaic kits for lighting local roads, bike lanes, roundabouts, theme parks, green areas, parking areas and camping grounds but also for other types of installations such as the power supply of IP cameras, Wi-Fi devices, billboards and road signs.

The range is completed by two versions of the portable kit that can be used for temporary installations such as in: a temporary summer parking area or an environmental disposal site, which need to be created in spaces that are always different. In addition, Sati Italia offers a system of modular structures for modular, practical, quick, affordable, supporting, strong and adjustable photovoltaic systems based on the desired angle of the panels.

The range includes profiles, connecting and anchoring plates, special attachments, accessories and module fastening systems that can be used in various applications such as: installation on the ground, on roofs, on corrugated sheet etc.
The system, hot galvanised after processing, is designed to last, ensuring quality and reliability. In photovoltaic systems, along with the modular system, protection of the solar modules against lightning must also be designed that Sati provides with ad hoc solutions. This protection can either be isolated or connected to the supporting metallic structure of the photovoltaic modules.


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