Sati Italia


Sati Italia S.p.A. has been acquired in 1991 and this year celebrates 25 years of activity within the Carpaneto Sati Group. Sati Italia offers a wide range of products and solutions addressed to the industrial electrical sector and its core business is well represented in its range of cable trunking systems: the “S5 Line” cable tray system, the “S3 Line” cable ladder system and the “S2 Line” mesh wire cable tray system.

The production of these lines of products and the processing of hot-dip galvanization after machining and powder-painting are carried out in Latina in the Procan S.r.l., plant controlled by Sati Italia S.p.a.

The Catalogue also includes support devices system (brackets, “U” sections, joints, etc ..) and a practical modular system, fast and economic, compatible with the accessories of the metal framings system, also known as “Sati Speed Line”.

Sati Italia’s offer however, includes other product lines and solutions, which were complemented to the more traditional product lines such as Earthing System, Lighting Protection and Equipotential and Passive Fire Protection: Fixing Kits, Stand Alone Photovoltaic Solution and Metal Framings for Photovoltaic Installations are the latest addition.

Each Sati Italia’s product line has its own reference printed catalog, while the digital version is available on the website Sati Italia’s headquarters are in Siziano (Pavia), Turin, Padua and Latina.

Latina is the main production and logistical branch, with a workforce of about 60 people and a further 15 sales agencies located throughout the Country. The company’s strength has always been efficient logistics coupled with a wide choice of available material.

Since 2007 Sati Italia is also present in North Africa market with its own subsidiary, Sati Tunisia S.A.R.L. based in Tunis.


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