Nobex, founded in 1992, has become over the years a leading manufacturer of fastening systems, both in Italy and abroad. Nobex designs, manufactures and distributes products and services to a highly demanding clientele. Its mission is to combine functionality and quality of service to fulfil the needs of its customers. It does so by using the best available materials and adopting the most advanced technologies. Nobex has a wide range of products designed to meet the most stringent requirements in a wide range of applications from civil to industrial construction, from the electrical to the plumbing sector, from guttering to false ceilings, doors and windows. Nobex pays particular attention to professional training for the appropriate use of their product lines. For this purpose it created a Learning & Innovation department which is dedicated to the training of its technical workforce and to keeping its customer base informed. This department is tasked with carrying out comprehensive training both at the headquarters in Siziano or at the other sites of the Group both in Italy and abroad. The company is also certified according to UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 and is therefore able to guarantee the quality of the production process, with traceability of production batches from the quality control of the raw material up to the final storage of the product. With its established capacity for quality innovative solutions for fastening systems it is able to confirm its position as a market leader and continue as the technology partner of choice for customers.


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