No Field


NoField S.r.l., established in Turin in 2009 at the Business Incubator of the Polytechnic of Turin (I3P), is active in the areas of environmental compatibility of devices and electrical systems, and in the field of renewables. As well as material resources, NoField also has highly specialised expertise in the field of magnetic fields, and thanks to its vast experience and network of partners, it is able to address any questions in this regard.

NoField can interact with small and large customers, providing solutions to problems ranging from simple AT systems to larger BT infrastructure: offering consultancy, design, supply of software tools, reviewing and reporting. The aim of NoField is to provide a complete service from studying the client’s case to providing a solution. All this is possible through the extensive network of collaboration which NoField has established with research institutions, laboratories, suppliers and installers of engineered solutions.

NoField S.r.l. joined the Carpaneto Sati Group to provide specialised technical support to Sati Italia S.p.A for the design, manufacture and sale of devices for electromagnetic shielding, a product line which was already part of Sati Italia’s offer.


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