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Sati Shielding S.r.l. was set up on 23 December 2015, thanks to the merger of different professional skills: marketing and organisational know-how of a historical company in the industrial electrical sector and technical and design know-how of a Team of Electrical Engineers of the Politecnico of Turin.

Sati Shielding S.r.l. is a new organisation specialising in solutions for: “Electromagnetic Shielding” (Elecromagnetic Field Shielding or EMF Shielding) and makes it possible to address issues connected to mitigating electromagnetic fields in all stages:
– Environmental impact assessment;
– Designing the shielding or mitigation system;
– Products and Solutions;
– Guide to Installation;
– Final testing and technical report.

The main objective of the new business – which will continue offering the existing services and products – will be to manage all market demands in Italy as well as abroad for mitigating electromagnetic fields.

The offer of products, solutions and services by Sati Shielding S.r.l. consists of:
– Range of LV, MV, HV shielding plates;
– Range of standard shielding trunking systems;
– ange of underground Shielding (buried cable trays and joint area);
– Ad hoc shielding solutions for transformation stations;
– Ad hoc shielding solutions for industrial machines;
– MAGIC® Software for environmental impact assessment;

The headquarters and administration offices is in Cascine Vica – Rivoli in the province of Turin. The internal organisation consists of: and engineering and design department, a sales department, marketing department, accounts department and test laboratory.
The Sati Shielding S.r.l. organisation also relies on a network of CEM consultants active on the whole Italian territory and a few Sales Agencies located in strategic points of our peninsula.


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