Business Area:

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Since its humble origins the Group’s core business sector has always been based in industry and, over the years, following the acquisition of Sati Italia S.p.A, the Carpaneto Sati Group has become a leader in the field of industrial electrical equipment.

Carpaneto & Co. S.p.A. began its commercial activities manufacturing metal trunking. When the commercial operation was sold to Sati Italia, Carpaneto retained control of two business areas which are still operative at the Cascine Vica headquarters.

With the acquisition of Sati Italia S.p.A the Group’s presence in the industrial sector was firmly established. Over the years the range of products has expanded and the position of the Group has been consolidated by the taking over or entering into partnership with other companies. In 2005 Procan S.r.l. joined the Group. This is the production site of the most important of Sati Italia’s product range. In 2006 Sati expanded its technical know-how and commercial expertise to foreign markets by opening a branch in Tunisia – Sati Tunisia S.a.r.l..