The history of the Carpaneto Sati Group is typically Italian. From one small shop in the Turin area in the 1960’s, it expanded to cover the whole of Italy and subsequently also ventured abroad. The main asset of the Group has always been its large number of branches and subsidiaries located throughout Italy.

This strength in numbers translates into efficient logistics and excellent customer service. It is this prerogative of Sati Italia which makes the other companies within the Group also benefit from combined synergies.

Carpaneto & C. S.p.A., the parent company, is based at Cascine Vica (Turin) which is also the headquarters of Sati Italia S.p.A and Sati Shielding S.r.l.. Sati Italia S.p.A. has other sales and logistics centres in the north of Italy: at Siziano (Pavia) and Padua and another logistic site at Latina where the main product lines offered by Sati Italia are manufactured by Procan S.r.l.

The Group is furthermore represented abroad by WIT SA in France, Sati Tunisia S.a.r.l. in Tunisia and Wi Next Inc. in California.