Thanks to the Carpaneto Sati Group expanding abroad and the opening of a new site in Tunis (Tunisia) in late 2007, the Group has furthered its business by focusing on photovoltaic technology.

With Sati a new product line was introduced with the intention of providing public street lighting powered by energy from the sun. The same product has also been introduced in Italy by Sati S.p.A. Italia, with appropriately modified technical specifications since the inclination of the solar rays in Italy is different from Tunisia’s. Over the last few years, in addition to the standard kit for public street lighting (LED or low pressure sodium), Sati has experienced an increasing demand for specific stand-alone power supply infrastructure wi- fi, wireless IP cameras for video surveillance, etc..

The so called “island” installation (or “stand-alone”) exploits locally generated electricity from the electrically isolated photovoltaic module. Experience gained in recent years allows the constant update of photovoltaic installation kit components as well as the software for controlling and regulating input/output. These improvements have made it possible to optimise the charging and discharging of the battery, which is made up by one or more rechargeable elements suitably connected in series to retain the electrical charge supplied by electrically insulated photovoltaic modules.

The new stand-alone photovoltaic kits offer cutting-edge, environmentally friendly, low maintenance and highly efficient performance. Furthermore, in addition to the standard application of the kit for different types of installations, such as street lighting, cycle lanes, roundabouts, theme parks, car parks and camping sites, there are new versions: stand-alone photovoltaic kits for street advertising billboards, power- WI-FI and IP cameras.